5 Ways to Market Your Home to Niche Buyers

When selling your home, clearly, it’s important to market it to the widest group ...

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When selling your home, clearly, it’s important to market it to the widest group of potential buyers as possible. But if your home has special appeal to a particular segment of the home-buying population, it may also be wise to promote it to a certain niche. Talk to your real estate agent about potentially targeting these key groups of buyers:

1. First-time homebuyers. If you’re moving up to a larger home, and your existing home is the perfect size and price point for an entry-level buyer, be sure to highlight this fact. Many areas are challenged by a low inventory of homes in the starter-price range, so this could make your home extremely attractive to first-timers.

2. Retirees. The biggest generation of consumers, the baby boomers, are retiring in droves. Does your home have a master bedroom on the first level? Or perhaps you live in a ranch. Maybe your home is close to community amenities and transportation, and requires little upkeep. All of these factors could potentially make your home very attractive to downsizing empty-nesters and retirees. 

3. Families. If you have a larger home with several bedrooms, you might want to target families with children, particularly if you’re in a good school district. Other family friendly features would be a large yard, an open floor plan with a family room, a finished basement, and a neighborhood brimming with children. 

4. Pet owners. Many buyers take the needs of their furry family members into consideration when moving. If you’ve got a fenced-in yard and/or your home is located in a low-traffic area or close to a dog park, be sure to highlight the benefits to buyers with pets. 

5. Professionals. Is your home close to public transportation for commuters? Or are you located near a popular metro area or city center? Then your home may be very attractive for those who are looking to trade in long commutes behind the wheel for a better work-life balance. If you’re part of a walkable community, all the better; if people have the option of walking or biking to work, that could be a big plus. 

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